On the eve of their inaugural MLS season, a dream for all those behind Austin FC is about to be realised. A club backed and supported by none other than Matthew McConaughey, he is the latest leading name to answer the call and bless us with an episode of 'The Dial Up'. Getting the back story and an understanding of what this club now means to him, it's an episode that goes deep in exploring the sentiment and style of this Verde green powerhouse.

Charming, wild, enigmatic and styled. Matthew McConaughey is one of film's great talents. A pioneer through his mindset, actions and talents, he has acclaim like no other. As well as starring in some of the biggest films on the planet, writing books and embracing all kinds of industry, it is through football and Austin FC that this man is breaking convention once more. Officially part of the ownership group of the latest addition to the MLS, we sit down, virtually, with this hero of a man for the latest episode of ‘The Dial Up’. The first guest on the non-playing side of performance, the ongoing series celebrates elite players and footballing personalities from all over the world as they get to just relax and speak free from the spotlight.

While McConaughey realises the limelight his name brings to the likes of Austin FC, this interview covers his ambition with the club, his genuine interests in the game and what the journey has looked like since the idea first broke ground, into the eve of the inaugural season for Austin FC.

To have such on screen energy is one thing but to back it all up with a real desire and excitement to use football for good and to create a good time in the process, this interview will leave you wanting to find out more about Austin FC. Hell, it might just make you an Austinite, as McConaughey says. A true giant at the top of his game, such greatness can come from crossing different creative industries such as football and film and it's with supreme enthusiasm we will watch on as Austin FC brings a new level of Verde Green to Major League Soccer.

"If Noel comes here, he knows he has a place to stay, if I go there, I know I'll be welcomed. You better pack your sunglasses for the party over here because you better bet, you'll see sunrise". McConaughey on what a friendly between Austin FC and Manchester City would look like.

Listen to the full interview with Matthew McConaughey here. You can also check out the full archive of The Dial Up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.