Kicking off season two of ‘The Dial Up’ with a bang, we sat down with none other than Paul Pogba for an informal yet candid chat, in which we got a rare insight into the person behind the character, learning more about what makes the World Cup winner tick.

Refreshing the layout for the new year, ‘The Dial Up’ – our series in which elite players and footballing personalities from all over the world get to just relax and speak free from the spotlight – is back for a second season, and it kicks off with one of the biggest characters in the game, with Paul Pogba on the other end of the line, offering an insight into the man behind the global superstar.

From his explosive impact at Juventus to his monster move to Manchester United, with a little bit of signature edition style and Pog-Boom added in for good measure, the larger-than-life Paul Pogba has ever been the showman, and his career to date has certainly reflected that. But that’s what we all see. In a rare glimpse-behind-the-curtain, we had a down-to-earth and intimate conversation with the world cup winner, getting his take on living life, being yourself, the importance of positivity, and using his influence to help people. 

One thing's abundantly clear, and that's that there’s definitely more to Paul Pogba than meets the eye, as you’ll find out in this episode, which is available to listen to in full now, along with the whole of season one, on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

You always have to know where you’re going by knowing where you’ve come from”
When you see a kid that’s sick, you send them a message and you can change their life. You can be so influential, so I have to use this. I have to use it to help people if I can, because my time will go. Today I’m Paul Pogba, but tomorrow I’m no one"
Some people like tattoos, and they like it and it looks good on them and they feel good. Some people don’t. I don’t wear tattoos, but I love seeing tattoos, seriously. I think it looks sick, but I feel like it won’t look good on me, but I’m happy like that. So everyone is different, but they need to be happy with themselves"
To be successful you have to be a bit different, or think differently, and I love to know that about other celebrities, how they became who they are"

Watch the full interview with Paul Pogba on IGTV, and check out the full season one archive of The Dial Up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.