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The Dial Up Episode #12 | Vivianne Miedema

Scoring goals is Vivianne Miedema’s job. She just happens to be very very good at it. But she’s not your usual professional – she very much does things how she wants to do them. Even interviews. But her nonchalance is a perfect suit to ‘The Dial Up’, chatting to her from the comfort of her home in Holland.

We’ve spoken with the easy-going Miedema before, but under very different circumstances. Without being able to be in face to face contact we instead chose to pick up the phone to speak to her as part of our ‘Dial Up’ series, checking in to see how she’s been getting on, finding out more about the person behind the on-pitch goal machine. 

Since the last time we spoke, Miedema smashed records in an individual performance against Bristol City that simply defied logic. Six goals and four assists all by the 65th minute – there was only one place for us to start our chat. But as is typical of her modest approach, she shrugged the achievement off. She didn’t even get a match ball for it. What’s the point when you score as many goals as she does? Her house would just be full of ‘em…

Miedema is more than just a goal scorer though. She’s an author of numerous kids books, and a true ambassador of the female game, banging the drum and encouraging the next generation. Quite simply she is an intriguing character and it was a pleasure to get an insight into her character.

I’m quite sarcastic. I like taking the mick out of myself. I don’t like the programmed interviews you hear in football. That’s just not me"
I think we all just realise how lucky we normally are. I never really look back at what I’ve achieved in a season but for the first time, having so long off, you look back at the last three or four years. We’ve done unbelievable things"
I just want people to be treated in the right way. With Rashford, what he has done is absolutely amazing. What he has achieved with that is unreal. You can only have respect for that"

Listen to the full interview with Vivianne Miedema on IGTV. You can also see more stories from adidas athletes here.

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