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The Dial Up #23 | Tom Davies

Tom Davies is a breath of fresh air on the footballing scene. Playing his part in Ancelotti’s Everton resurgence on the pitch, but showing off his truly individual character off of it, this is a man carving his own path. Taking his seat for the latest episode of ‘The Dial Up’, we got to the core of what the Everton man is all about.

Eloquent, stylish, driven, down to earth and unique: Tom Davies is coolness personified. Since his explosive break through into the first team at Everton, he simply hasn’t looked back, but his performances on the pitch are such a small part of the man he really is. Fashion, music, art, the environment and sustainability, and using his influence for good are just a few of the topics that are close to his heart. A man of many layers, we were privileged to have a chat with him for the latest episode of ‘The Dial Up’, our series in which elite players and footballing personalities from all over the world get to just relax and speak free from the spotlight.

So often in the past, footballers would be viewed simply as that – athletes performing on the pitch for 90 minutes. But with the advance of time players have been given the window to show that there is more to them; believe it or not, these are people with other interests outside of the game. Case in point is one Mr. Thomas Davies. 

There is so much to this guy that a single episode of ‘The Dial Up’ doesn’t do him justice. So getting down to it, we delved into the other side of his life, away from the pitch, finding out more about that creative personality and what inspires him outside of the day job. From his obvious passion for fashion and his creative relationship with his brother to recycling and on to coffee beans, nothing was left untouched in what was a truly refreshing conversation. When the seagulls didn’t interrupt that is…

It was just how it was in the changing room and I got known for wearing outlandish stuff and I used to enjoy coming in and thinking, ‘wonder what they’re gonna say about this one today’”
TD 2-min.jpg
TD 3-min.jpg
Crossing over the road and there’d be people taking pictures and they’d see us coming and obviously we’re just going to milk it as much as we can… going into the slow motion walk and just soaking it all in!”
Our generation needs its voice, and it needs people like me to speak up about what we need to do. I know there’s a lot of great people in the world that are striving for these things, but the big thing recently for me is voicing my opinion on things; issues that matter that I see in life are going on."

Watch the full interview with Tom Davies on IGTV, and check out the full season one archive of The Dial Up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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