Breaking into an established and upwards looking Premier League team is an achievement that very few will realise. Add into the equation a season in which you will become a pivotal player for a team that will subsequently reward you with a long term deal and the signs are there – you're doing your job well. Mason Holgate is the man in question and the latest player to pick up the phone and speak to us for a 'Dial Up' episode.

Not afraid to put the tackle in and confident in who he is, the lad who hails from Doncaster has gone on to do great things at Everton and notably, he's proud of the process too. Speaking honestly about what that return to football was like, the highs and lows of the last three months and the energy that comes with being able to slide back into the game, it's another instalment that celebrates the contemporary character that the class of 2020 possess.

"The first few sessions, you felt like you had someone else's legs sewn on... A week in and you start to get used to the ball and things like that, it felt as if we were back to normal. I can't wait to get going again"

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