After a season of grit, determination and extraordinary endeavour, Liverpool lost the Champions League final of 2018 to Real Madrid. The circumstances of that loss will live long in the memory of Reds, but it was quickly followed up by the unexpected announcement that Liverpool had signed one of the most coveted talents in European football. Fábio Henrique Tavares, better known as Fabinho, arrived on Merseyside on 1 July 2018, and neither club nor player have looked back since.

Prior to his arrival at the club, Liverpool were already a force to be reckoned with, while Fabinho himself was an impressive player who had carved his reputation in a strong Monaco side. But together, both club and player have moved on to the next level, complementing one another so perfectly, to the point where Fabinho is now widely considered to be one of the best holding midfielders in the game, whilst Liverpool are on the verge of winning their first domestic league title in 30 years. 

Ready for an imminent return to action following a lengthy spell on the sidelines through injury, we caught up with the Brazilian at the recent Predator 20+ Mutator launch event at Arsenal’s Academy, where we were able to get his thoughts on not only Liverpool’s current success, but also, as a Predator player himself, on the new generation silo.

You’ve played over 50 games now for Liverpool, but it’s been during an intense period where pretty much every game you’ve had to win. What’s that been like?

Since I’ve arrived in Liverpool this is just the way that we’ve played, and I really like how we play. I love the team and I hope that we can keep up the pace and sequence of results. This is what is demanded when you play for the best teams and that winning feeling becomes an addiction.

What’s it like to train everyday as part of a team that’s winning every week?

We don’t feel any pressure to achieve results, we just work as a team, improving on a personal level. It’s a good environment to work in every day and I feel very comfortable with all of my teammates. When you win as much as we have, your confidence is higher, and that’s great.


Why do you think Liverpool are so good at the moment?

I think that it’s something that has been developing for some time now. The players know each other well. Last year we had an excellent season, but unfortunately we didn’t win the league, but we’ve moved on again this year even more determined to achieve our goals, and that can be seen by the results that we have already achieved so far this season. So now it’s just about continuity; continuing the good work that we have started. Consistency is what defines the best teams, and we must keep our standards at the very top in every single game because you can see how fine the lines are between winning a league and being runners up.

Monaco v Manchester City or Liverpool v Barcelona – which comeback was more dramatic?

They were both quite different. Different teams and different opposition. After the first leg in the Monaco game it felt like one loss, whereas against Barcelona it felt like two. It was such a heavy defeat in the first leg. So for that reason I’d say have to say Liverpool v Barcelona, that was a once in a lifetime game.

Liverpool's wait for a title has been long. This team will be legends forever if you win the league this year. Can you feel that?

We don’t really talk about that at the moment when we are preparing for each match. Liverpool is used to winning titles and the fans are anxious for this moment. But we’ll carry on with our work. I believe we are on a good path to achieve it this season and I hope we can reward the Liverpool fans with something special.

What’s it like playing behind Salah, Firmino and Mané? Their movement is electric...

The attacking side of our team is very good. We like to attack down both sides, from the fullbacks right through. The way that the team sets up is very good for me and we know that if we do have to defend then we can find solutions to this. So it is very good to play behind this attacking trio, they’re electric with and without the ball.

Your assistant manager described you as a lighthouse amongst the organised chaos. Do you like that analogy?

It’s cool, it’s nice. I just focus on doing my own work. I’ve been really happy since I arrived in Liverpool because Pep [Ljinders] is a man that can speak Portuguese, so I could ask him questions and talk to him. Now I’m just focused on doing my job. It’s great to hear things like this, but doing my job is what’s important. We all have our own roles but when we work them together we become the team that you see being successful.


This squad is backed so well be the supporters. Do you feel the love from the Liverpool fans?

Oh yes, of course, a lot. Liverpool is a very special team. When we are out there we can see how special the relationship is and how passionate the fans are. When we meet the fans it’s always special. Even just being around the city and meeting Liverpool fans they are so positive and have been very welcoming to me and to my family.

The Predator is such a famous boot. Can you remember which players you used to watch in them growing up?

I remember players like Steven Gerrard and Kaka wearing them and always producing big moments in them. The Predator will always be linked to iconic players, because of the iconic moments they are involved in.

The new Predator has changed a lot since you were a boy. What do you think of the new design?

From the first moment I saw it I noticed the changes in the design. The design was really appealing and it attracted my attention. What I always pay attention to in a new boot is the weight, and a nice look. This design is very special, because it will help us with our performance. I noticed these changes and thought that they were important changes for my play. I’ve been training in them for a while and I’m really happy with them, each time adidas somehow manages to improve them.

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