Going behind the scenes at the photoshoot of the Nike Chelsea 2019/20 Anniversary Kit to be worn in the FA Cup Third Round we caught up with 'Call Me Loop'. The musician, who grew up near Chelsea's Cobham Training Ground, finds herself exactly there as we sit down with her to talk about her Chelsea upbringing, her music and how she was drafted in to help launch the new kit.

At what point did football come into your life and why Chelsea?

It’s been in my life as long as I can remember really - with a sports-mad dad, brother and twin boy cousins, I’ve been watching and playing football (only in the back garden!) since I was tiny. My dad’s supported Chelsea since he was ten, when his friend from primary school (and his dad) took him to his first game. They took him to eight or nine games over two seasons and he used to have to take box crates to stand on so he could see over the crowds. He’s been Chelsea ever since so it was just in my blood to be blue! Although I must admit I did go through a phase of flitting between teams when I was about ten so that I supported the same team as whichever one of my brother’s friends I fancied at the time... so fickle. But luckily I came back to my Chelsea senses soon after!

How would you describe your support for the club and what sets them out from all other teams out there in your eyes?

Unwavering! And genetic! My dad’s told me stories of the Chelsea teams that came before my time and I love the Kings Road bad boys anecdotes. I love that they were a bit of a glamour team who would play amazing football one week and then rubbish football the next. But they were always exciting. And so many legends over the years. Personal favs have to be Zola and Drogba. I also like that they win trophies, of course. 3 FA Cup wins in 4 years between 2009-2012? I’ll take that.

Were you the type of fan when growing up to get all the shirts and that kind of thing?

I never had huge amounts of merch actually... my brother (Man United... blasphemy I know, but he was in love with Becks when he was little) got all the shirts and football boots etc, but I think I’ve only had one or two shirts in my time. And my Chelsea cap! And a scarf! And I always wear blue on match days, of course.


Tell us about your career in music, when did that begin and how early did it start?

My career officially started in 2016 I guess, when I released my first single Looking At You, but I’ve been singing and writing since I was about 5! I’ve wanted to be a pop star and songwriter for as long as I can remember and just never grew out of the dream haha. As soon as I was old enough to realise I could sing you couldn’t shut me up. I did school talent shows and summer camps and I was writing poems and short songs all throughout school. Finally after uni I started to pursue it properly and it’s been the most amazing rollercoaster ride ever since.

How would you describe your style as an artist and your sound?

So I think my sound is ever-changing, within its 4 pop walls, but I usually call it sassy emotive pop. On the whole it’s super empowering and really relatable. I’ve been writing a lot over the last 6 months though and the new music coming this year is a bit of a progression from my previous stuff and I’m so excited to get it out. It’s a bit more 80s synth pop vibes and it’s big! Style-wise, I’m a bit of a mish-mash of sporty meets feminine, but I’ve got a feeling 2020’s gonna see me go that little bit more glam when it comes to stage/shoot looks. I’ll be forever attached to my trackies at all other times though.

Naturally it’s a way to express yourself but how would you describe the journey of your career to date?

Oooof... I’d call it a bit of a whirlwind! 2016 to here has flown by, and been the maddest journey of ups and downs. As you say, it’s a very self expressive career path which makes it equally exciting, challenging, euphoric, exhausting. But I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved so far in these last few years as an independent artist. My fan base are incredible and the support they give me is huge. I’m so excited for them to hear the new music I’ve got coming.


You’ve worked on songs for other artists, what’s that been like to be a part of?

I have! It’s a very different writing experience to when you’re in a studio session writing for your own project. But I love it just as much. In a way it feels like there’s less pressure cos I don’t have to dig into my own life and emotions, which is really cathartic but can also be very draining! I’m so excited for the release of the new Pussycat Dolls single this month as it’ll be my first cut as a writer on another artists project and I’m a huuuge fan of theirs.

How hungry does that make you to be able to keep achieving more and more all the time?

So hungry! I mean I’m always pushing, always hungry - you have to be in this industry - but the minute you land something big it just makes you think ‘Ok amazing I’ve hit this milestone, now I can raise the bar’, and on and on it goes. I sometimes have to remind myself to celebrate each accomplishment before I move on to the next goal!

What does 2020 look like for you and how would you describe your aspirations?

2020 is gonna see a lot of music. Which, after a 6 month release break, could not come quick enough for me! I’ll be putting out single after single, as well as a collaboration, more writing for other artists, a summer of festivals, and a whole new list of firsts for me which I can’t wait to share. Maybe I’ll get to perform at Stamford Bridge too...

What was it like to be involved in a Chelsea shoot as a fan?

Very cool! A bit of a pinch-me moment. And something my dad’s very proud of! I’m actually from a town near Cobham but have never been to the training ground before so that was something to tick off the bucket list. And it was sick meeting the players that we shot with; Mount, Tomori, Hudson-Odoi and James. All very lovely guys.

We’ve seen you sport the odd Chelsea shirt with a look that’s more fashion focused on your Instagram, what do you make of how football and fashion are crossing paths so much right now?

Yessss and my trusty Chelsea cap; its a staple item in my wardrobe haha. Like I said, my style is quite sporty-meets-feminine a lot of the time so i think it looks great mixing up football garms with more high fashion stuff. There’s some sick men’s retro football jumpers and jackets around at the moment which I’m a big fan of.

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