Making his adidas event debut for the Cold Blooded collection in London, Callum Hudson-Odoi sits down with SoccerBible a few days before making his first team debut for Chelsea to talk music, lifting the 2017 U17 World Cup, and future ambitions.

Callum, firstly congratulations on one incredible summer. Are you still riding that wave right now?

I feel like I’ve come back to reality now. Obviously the World Cup win was massive for us. I’m really delighted it happened and obviously I was really happy but I’ve just got to focus on Chelsea and that’s what I’m doing.

What’s the reaction been like since coming back from the U17 World Cup? Have you had time to reflect on it?

No, it’s been straight back to business. When I was there I had time to realise the moment. I’d just won the World Cup. I couldn’t believe it. But then I had a match for Chelsea straight away, so it was straight back into the club and since then it’s just been straight on with Chelsea, and I’ve just been focusing on what I’m doing.

How much hungrier are you now that you've had a taste of big success?

Yeah definitely. Obviously winning the World Cup… you just want to win more and get as far in that competition as you can. So I think winning the first one was amazing for me, but I still want more and I want the opportunity to go to another one or play in a big tournament again. So I’ve got to just keep working hard and striving for more.


Have you found your mindset has changed since coming back? Worked/trained harder for example?

Yeah, I’ve always trained hard no matter what. If it’s the World Cup or a friendly – it’s all the same to me. I’ve worked hard since I’ve come back and I think I’ve kept the same mentality from being with England in the World Cup. I’m now back at Chelsea and the mentality has to just be to work hard as a Chelsea player and hopefully get more international call-ups.

You’re still at an age where you’re developing. Is it important to stay hungry in that way?

Of course. Always. You can’t afford to have a mentality of thinking you’re one of the bigger players or that you’ve made it. You’ve got to keep thinking and striving because if you can go up quickly then maybe you can go down quickly too. So you’ve got to keep working hard and then maybe get the chance in the first team.

What’s the best advice you've received since you came back from the World Cup?

I’ve been told the same thing by everyone. Keep working hard and keep the same mentality because you never know. Your chance might come soon but if you’re not working hard and putting in the effort then the manager might not choose you because he likes hard working players. So I’ve kept the humble side of myself and kept working hard for myself so I can become the best player I can be.

You may go into school as a World Cup winner while mates are still having to do exams and stuff... has that been a bit of a weird thing to comprehend?

Not really. It’s just keeping the mind-set that I’m still doing school but then trying to work hard on the pitch. You just have to make sure you’re working hard on both sides.

Let’s talk on-pitch style. What's your boot preference?

Players like more colourful boots I think because it’s more stylish and the players around you will think ‘wow – he’s got a bit of skill about him’ so I think if you have bright boots people might reckon you’ve got something about you a bit quicker. Blacked out boots aren’t really new fashion.


Above: Hudson-Odoi joins Danny Drinkwater to launch the adidas Cold Blooded Pack in London.

What's it like to be involved with adidas at events like this?

This is my first event so it’s been really good to be involved. Being with adidas is a really good and exciting thing for me. It’s helping me as a person as I develop on and off the pitch.

For a player coming through, what do you think adidas are doing well right now? Are you into that cross over between music and football that they're leading?

Yeah, I think that’s a great thing for adidas – the way they’re collaborating with music because I think more kids like hip-hop and rap music. It’s helping the brand reach more people because if you hear songs with it mentioned in them, like from guys like Stormzy or MoStack then you’re going to check out what they’re wearing and who they’re involved with.

Who's in control of the music in the changing room right now?

Me. I always take control of the music. You know, I think they nominate for me to do it. I’ve always got good songs. People like MoStack, J Hus, Stormzy – rappers that we all like to listen to. If people make recommendations then I’ll listen but mostly it’s my picks and I know they like it because they’re all dancing.

You’re wearing the X boots. How are you finding them?

Yeah, they feel great. I wore the Nemeziz for the World Cup and they were great. I’ve been wearing them up until now but I think it’s good to try different boots and see which ones you feel are the most comfortable one. So, for now I’m going to try out X’s and they might be the ones I stick with.

What's next, Callum? 

I feel at this moment that I’m just focused on what I’m doing right now. Whether it’s U23s, U18s or 1st team I’ve just got to keep focusing, stay humble and strive to be at the top. I hope I get a debut for Chelsea, whether it’s soon, this year or next year. I think you’ve just got to be patient and be ready to take the chance when you get it.

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Photography by Joel Goldstein for SoccerBible.