Under Frank Lampard, Chelsea are embracing youth, and it points towards a bright future. But it’s the past that's currently in focus, after the club released a special commemorative shirt to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of their FA Cup triumph in 1970.

Taking time out from the shoot we caught up with two of the club’s current stars, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Reece James, to get their thoughts on the new commemorative shirt – which is due to be worn by the team in their FA Cup Third Round clash with Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge on January 5 – as well as getting a little insight into their own respective rises with the club and their football shirts connections.

Football shirts obviously have a special place for all of us. What makes them special for you guys?

Callum Hudson-Odoi: For me they are special because when we wear them, it means that we’re representing the badge. So when the badge is there you look at it and it reminds you just how big playing for the team that’s on the badge is. That is an amazing feeling. For me it’s also the colours. If it’s a nice bright colour then I like it, it just stands out.

And how about you Reece, did you have a special attachment to shirts when you were growing up? How does it feel now as a pro getting to put them on?

Reece James: The main attraction from a shirt is always the badge and the colour but then also what it what it looks like overall. I like this new shirt, it looks decent first and foremost; it’s a clean, good looking shirt.

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What’s the standout moment for each of you in a Chelsea shirt so far?

CHO: I think for me it was scoring my first goal, but also winning the Europa League. It was just an amazing feeling to win a trophy for the club. Then from your childhood dreams, you always want to get a goal for your team. When I think back though, just to get to play for your team – it’s an honour. Especially representing the team that you’ve been involved with for your whole life. So for me, scoring the first goal was obviously a buzzing feeling, but at the same time winning the Europa League was also amazing.

RJ: For me I’d also say scoring my first goal for my childhood club was a dream come true. I’ve supported the club since I was a little boy and now playing for them is great. Those moments are special and will stay with me.

What’s it like when you go into the changing room and you see your shirt with your name and number on?

RJ: It’s great. Obviously getting the chance to play with such great players and getting to play with the likes of Callum, Mason, Tammy, all guys that have come through the academy as well, it’s really special.

CHO: For me it still feels like a dream. Everyday I go on the pitch, every time I see my shirt, it’s just a dream come true to be involved and just to be around the setup. I said to myself that if you want to keep getting more opportunities then keep being involved and keep living the childhood dream. It’s an amazing feeling.

There’s so much excitement around Chelsea at the moment with the young players in the squad. How would you describe the character and the players coming through?

CHO: Well we’re all of the same mindset; we all want to win games no matter what. For all of us coming up through the academy it’s an amazing feeling. We all want to win games and win trophies, so we all try our best and give a hundred percent in every game that we play in. I think that all of our mindsets are the same; we want to win and do the best that we can for the team and try and get as many positive results as possible. It’s important to have that connection.

When the badge is there you look at it and it reminds you just how big playing for the team that’s on the badge is. That is an amazing feeling"

Do all of the other young players that are coming through at the moment give you motivation to push on that extra bit?

RJ: Yeah, of course. When there’s other young players out there it gives you motivation to go out there and do it yourself, to go out there and fulfil your own dream as well, and it’s great that we’re all doing it at such a young age.

What does the FA Cup mean to you guys as a tournament?

CHO: I had the opportunity to make my debut for the club in the FA Cup, so for me it’s special because it was the day that I got my opportunity against Newcastle, so it is something that will always be in my memory, no matter what. But I think it’s big for all of us. Every competition for us is the same. We always want to win. And every competition is special for us, but the FA Cup holds a special place for me. It’s a very personal connection to the tournament for me.

RJ: Whenever there’s a chance to win a trophy it all means the same. We’ll do our best to do as well as we can in the competition. I’m hungry to succeed and win silverware in the process.

You see football shirts popping up in a lot more cultures these days, musicians wearing them on stage as an example. Do you see them as being a lot closer to street wear these days?

RJ: A lot more people wear football shirts as streetwear these days, just to show off who they support and to show their love for great players around the world. The designs definitely lend themselves to a streetwear setting, and that’s great to see. There’s a lot of meaning to a football shirt – wearing one says something without using words.

How important is fashion and that sort of thing off the pitch for you? Do you see it as a way to express yourself?

RJ: I like my clothes, but not as much as him (Hudson-Odoi)! A lot of people judge how you look and what you choose to wear, and that’s more so for us.

CHO: To be fair, I love my clothes and what I wear. I wouldn’t say that I like to stand out, but I just like nice things. Everything that I wear, I like it to be different or unique. So yeah, I love clothes, love designer stuff. It’s good to just keep mixing it up and be different. I’m getting more and more interest in it and understanding what it’s about. I don’t want to wear a designer thing just because of the name - it’s about looking good, feeling comfortable.

There’s a lot of meaning to a football shirt – wearing one says something without using words"

What kind of trends have you seen that you’re interested in at the minute?

CHO: Anything to be fair, I don’t mind. I’ve worn different stuff. I had a shoot the other day where someone dressed me in some really nice, unique stuff. It was cool. It’s a good way to see different clothes and brands that you haven’t seen before. It’s different and unique and when you see those types of things you think “this is different, this is nice.” It’s a way of being creative.

Back on to the pitch then, it’s obviously important to look good and feel good.  Do you feel like having a strong kit gives you a bit more confidence?

CHO: Yeah, of course. If you feel good in what you’re wearing you get that extra drive, that extra push. So it’s good to feel free and comfortable, but to also look good. 

What do you think of the anniversary shirt?

RJ: The badge instantly stands out. The old design coming back and the numbering on the back, it’s all class.

CHO: Yeah, same for me. The throwback vibe just instantly makes you think of the history and heritage of the club. Look forward to wearing it.

The Chelsea FA Cup Commemorative Shirt is available now at prodirectsoccer.com