Looking to punctuate the junction where football and fashion meet, photographer Carlos Quinteros Jr has delivered us with an editorial that will provide fresh thought as well as bring art right back into the mix.

Given the name 'Reddo Kaado', we spoke to Carlos about the ideas and inspiration behind this piece of work whilst getting a flavour for the space where two of his passions meet. A thought out project that looks to offer a bespoke perspective on football and fashion, it's out there as well as inspiring.

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Football and fashion are forever mixing, what are the biggest trends you've seen where football, fashion and photography are concerned?

I think wearing football jerseys as streetwear has definitely been an on going lifestyle trend that's highly documented.

What can you tell us about this 'Reddo Kaado' project? Where did the idea come from and what did you set out to convey?

Reddo Kaado is a project influenced by my passion of the game itself and my obsession over Japanese minimalist wear. This is my attempt to combine my two likings into one and create something that I felt is different in the football community.

Mixing looks and experimenting, do you see football going even deeper into the fashion world in the future?

It seems that its pretty deep into the fashion world already with designers mixing it into their collections.

What can you tell us about the feeling towards football in the States right now?

It’s become a huge part of people’s lives now. From new expansion teams popping up, to following teams from abroad, there has been lots of support throughout the country. Witnessing the USMNT not qualify for the World Cup really brought out everyone's emotions, not just for the country but for the sport itself. You could feel the the heart break and the passion for the game. 

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LA Specifically with the likes of LAFC and LA Galaxy, is there a boom over there right now?

Growing up I have always felt the football presence here in LA, and as the years have passed there has been an increase in football's fanbase. Watching the Galaxy as a child in the late 90s and early 2000s always felt grand. With LAFC in the picture there’s a bigger sense of rivalry in the city.

Can you feel more people talking about the game? Has it become more prevalent in popular culture?

Yeah, not just in LA but throughout the states. With social media its become easy to keep up with clubs and games in all parts of the world. Celebrities and musicians are showing their love for the game when in the spotlight as well, which can influence a lot of people.

Creatively, who do you think in the football world is doing something different?

I am keen on what Acid FC is doing. Their trippy World Cup match posters are great. Also, my guys over at Port did an amazing job with the LA Galaxy capsule collection.

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Out of LA and steering style into places of many multi-layers, you can see more work by Carlos here.