Taking signature boots to the the sharpest of creative places, Neymar Jr.’s new Hypervenom Phantom II “Ousadia Alegria” football boots ooze collaboration. Bruno Big paints, Neymar plays.

Neymar is a player unafraid to push boundaries and keep the spirit of expression at the heart of his game. Boots being his tools, it's only natural they tell the story of who and what he is about. In collaborating with Brasilian artist Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro (Bruno Big), Nike and Neymar have created a collection that doesn't simply bottle vibrancy but it grabs it by the can and sprays it up the wall and all over the pitch. Training apparel and two Nike Sportswear footwear silhouettes join the party too.

For the man who'll suit up in them, Neymar described the essence behind his thinking and the inspiration for the boots. “I associate ‘Alegria’ with the joy of living and playing football, which I love most, and ‘Ousadia’ in having the audacity to do something different, which people don't expect to see.” Meanwhile, Bruno, dedicated to telling a story through his style, explains the process that he went through to land at these shape-punching peachy numbers. “I created two different images, one for 'Ousadia' and one for 'Alegria'. There is a heart and there is a hand, so the idea is intended to be more graphic than a direct message. That is the interesting point of it."
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Tattooed though tailored, the world of Neymar Jr is a styled one. This collection that starts at the feet expands across many a medium. With clothing combined with the launch, Bruno Big has also produced a range of prints that carry the vocal victory of the free flowing design that he has produced. The giant canvas of cool, 1,000 shoeboxes have been created to mark the launch. The packaging a piece of art in itself, the first of which went straight to Neymar Jr himself. The rest of the 999 boxes, along with the boots will go on sale from January 31st.

Add some art to your armoury here.