As football shirts make their way as a solid fixture on the fashion scene, Carlos Quinteros Jr has teamed up with The Photography Journal to capture a selection of heavy hitters straight from the top drawer. Lifestyle scenes, straight up gold.

A photo essay entitled 'Off The Pitch', this series of shots captures some of the best that have packed poignant moves over the last few decades. From Arsenal to Real Madrid, Liverpool to Ajax - not to mention Copenhagen thrown inbetween. Each comes trimmed with detail.

The double diamond of Umbro on the cuffs of oversized sleeves perhaps personifies and era of football shirts that were piped with detailing. Re-using the club badge on the bold yellow Liverpool shirt is another common theme that ran through many a nineties kit. Sponsors pivotal in sealing the creative deal, they've always played a big part in the final football shirt aesthetic - whether it's Dreamcast of Carlsberg, they add a sense of character.

Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0021_Dolores1.jpg
Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0018_Emma1.jpg

Juventus and Kappa are a pairing of pure cultured cuisine. Shirts that have stood up strong as iconic trailblazers, there's little tactile textures on the shirt above thanks to sublimation though compare that to the Real Madrid and Ajax below, as well as the Umbro Copenhagen shirt above and there's a variety of all sorts going on. A laced collar? Get right out of town.

Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0007_RaeAn1.jpg
Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0001_Tobi4.jpg
Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0011_James 1.jpg
Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0014_Geo2.jpg
Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0003_Tobi2.jpg
Carlos Quinteros Jr Off The Pitch_0020_Dolores2.jpg

A fine showing of shirts in natural surroundings, let's hope we start to see kit popping up on the streets as well as photoshoots. You can see the full photo essay here along with work from Carlos, here