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'Moroccan Street FC' by Guillaume Blot

From old to new and fake to legit, this photo series by Guillaume Blot documents the hugely diverse range of shirts that are proudly worn around the streets of Morocco.

Spending a month capturing these shots ahead of the World Cup, Guillaume explains, "The street is the biggest football club in the world. It’s a team without limits that can train and play everywhere, and doesn’t have just one official shirt, but many – each player with his favourite one, worn like a second skin as he walks throughout the city. The men featured predominantly wear fake football shirts, which they bought in their local souks at the negotiated price of around €10. Of all the football teams in the world, it is the shirts of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain F.C. that are most popular."

Street FC portrait_0000_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot.jpg
Street FC portrait_0001_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-27.jpg
Street FC portrait_0002_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-26.jpg
Street FC portrait_0003_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-25.jpg
Street FC portrait_0023_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-5.jpg
Street FC portrait_0018_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-10.jpg
Street FC portrait_0017_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-11.jpg
Street FC portrait_0012_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-16.jpg
Street FC portrait_0009_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-19.jpg
Street FC portrait_0011_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-17.jpg
Street FC portrait_0020_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-8.jpg
Street FC portrait_0016_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-12.jpg
Street FC portrait_0025_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-3.jpg
Street FC portrait_0006_Street FC (c) Guillaume Blot-22.jpg

You can see the full set of 'Moroccan Street FC' images here.


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