Dubbed "The best team you've never heard of", Drakies FC have been embraced by independent streetwear store Flatspot with the latter creating a bespoke kit and crest for the club.

A pure meeting of minds, this is a perfect nod from those dominant in the skate, street and fashion scenes towards football. A game well dressed and styled throughout, this collaboration is what it's all about: finding that perfect niche story and celebrating it in the most perfect sense. To that effect, Drakies FC are a club who play in the Inverness & District Amateur League and to a certain extent have been plucked from the middle of nowhere to join a Flatspot party. Adding another level of flavour, Flatspot created the special edition team kit you see below and in turn they brought in illustrator Matt Blease to create a quite frankly delicious crest.

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Next giants of Scotland or heroes of the underground, either way we like it - and clearly do many others - the shirt has already sold out making them a mighty fine piece of collectable gold dust. Another showing of football crossing genres and flourishing when fresh minds offer a creative edge, we're into this in a big way and hats go off to Flatspot to daring to dance with the initiative. Truly golden. You can see more about the link up, here.