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Nowhere FC x Venezia FC Collaboration

Having recently been enlisted as creative directors for Italian side Venezia, Nowhere FC marked the occasion by producing a limited edition scarf that brings together the two sides of the collaboration. A swag heavy lookbook on show, this has got serious potential for a fresh wave of inspired football cool.

Famed for their bespoke street-style inspired take on football, Nowhere FC are famed for blurring the lines where football meets fashion while wonderfully stepping all over the toes of the conventional game. Not upsetting the apple cart, this is a collaboration that will raise many an excitable eyebrow to explore what lies ahead.

More to the point however, why Venezia? Well... Having endured a turbulent and colourful past, Venezia are a club with an invested creative culture. Bought in 2015 by a group of American backers, they are managed by one, rather iconic Filippo Inzaghi. Moreover, savvy spending and a thought out approach, it's not just this collaboration they're celebrating most recently as the club has just earned promotion back to Serie B.

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A positive trajectory and a strong look accompanies a club with extremely passionate fans. jJust one look at their social channels will have you captured as you follow their football manager like flight that's seen them come back from the brink of existence through to a flourishing playground for those wanting to bring a new take on the game. 

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The scarf itself carries the colours of the club and keeping consistent with the flowing theme that comes from Nowhere FC, the Fly Nowhere badge sits proudly alongside that of Venezia FC. The first dice of what's to come, we like the way it's been thrown.

You can see more from Venezia FC here.


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