Continuing the ever-growing union between football and fashion, Milan-based Outline Studio has released its latest creation, the FC Inter Street Football Jersey, fusing the worlds of football with influence from the city, its streets, its traditions and its fashions.

The OTLN x FC Inter Street Football Jersey is not just a jersey, as Outline are quick to point out. Instead, it is a creation of passion; a passion born from a love of street football, where each pitch has its own code and where players are always changing the game. It’s where creativity is the only real rule, and that mantra is the foundation behind the design of the jersey.

The city of Milan itself is a big influence on the jersey design, not just from the footballing perspective, but also from the gritty graffiti aesthetic of the city’s underbelly. Presented in a stunning lookbook and video in which the city plays almost as much of a starring role as the shirt, the design features iconic elements of Inter Milan, including the Nerazzurri bands, the famous Pirelli sponsor, and the number “9”, all of which combine to instantly conjure images of one of the most iconic players to ever wear the blue and black, El Fenomeno himself, Ronaldo.

Inter 11-min.jpg

The Swoosh also plays a prominent role in the design, featuring in several areas alongside skewed OTLN branding. This impressive creation follows the recent release of the Inter X Nike mashup jersey, which celebrated 20 years of partnership between the pair, and while that was worn in the recent Milan derby, this jersey is reserved solely for the street.  

Inter 7-min.jpg
Inter 5-min.jpg
Inter 9-min.jpg
Inter 6-min.jpg
Inter 10-min.jpg

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