Following up their earlier release in true football fashion, Outline Studio Milano launch the FC Inter Street Football Jersey ‘Second Half’, which arrives in three different colours to open their appeal to a wider demographic, embracing different nationalities, neighbourhoods, boys, and girls. From the centre of Milan to the suburbs, from the Duomo to the high-rise apartment block of Cinisello, from those who are born Neroazzurro to those who become Nerazzurro.

Outline Studios released their original FC Inter Street Football Jersey back in March of this year, with a design that drew influence from the love for street football, where each pitch has its own code and where creativity is the only real rule in the game. And now they follow that up with the aptly named ‘Second Half’ drop, which sees the creative union bringing the Nerazzurri shirt to the new streetwear scene by choosing colours to describe the growth and multi-ethnic development of Milano. 

inter 7-min.jpg
inter 6-min.jpg

Designed for those who are born in the city centre, who dream of leaving the high-rise blocks of the suburbs by one day playing at San Siro, the shirt is available in three unique colourways: one chosen for proving that football has never been a sport just for boys; one chosen to tell of the strength, energy and talent of a new generation of girls who are ready to start their show; and one chosen for those who have the shirt from every season and equally for those who have never had the possibility to buy one. We’ll leave you to decide which is which.

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Photography by Alberto Angelo for SoccerBible.


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