A changing of the World Cup guard took place in Moscow on Friday as previous hosts Brazil passed the baton to upcoming hosts Russia as the two met for a friendly fixture at the Luzhniki Stadium – the venue for the 2018 World Cup Final this summer.

We went behind the scenes and behind the lens to capture a heavyweight clash of expectation in the Russian capital. The much fancied Brazil side brought the heat to the freeze by sticking three unanswered goals past a Russia team that'll open the tournament in the same stadium on June 14 against Saudi Arabia.

A heavy security presence was met by a well armed Brazilian attacking display as the South Americans showed no signs of coming unstuck in the plummeting temperatures. Home and away fans mixed in fine spirit as Russia welcomed the spotlight ahead of the main event in just over a couple of months time.

33-russia-brazil-framed.jpg 37-russia-brazil-framed.jpg
38-russia-brazil-framed.jpg 39-russia-brazil-framed.jpg
34-russia-brazil-framed.jpg 36-russia-brazil-framed.jpg
40-russia-brazil-framed.jpg 35-russia-brazil-framed.jpg

Russia flaunted their new adidas away shirt for the first time, while Brazil also kitted up in their new Nike away colours of deep blue. The favourites versus the hosts. Russia will play in the first game of the World Cup at the Luzhniki, we wouldn't bet against Brazil playing there in the last.