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Framed #162 | Brazil v Peru

In a replay of this summer’s Copa America final, Brazil faced Peru for an international friendly on the neutral turf of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Half full but still rocking with some South American Samba beats, we took our seats for the next instalment in our ‘Framed’ series.

If Peru were to reverse the 3-1 result of the Copa America final then they would also need to end the Selecao’s 17-match unbeaten run. No easy task, the record stretching back to the World Cup. But while the task remained daunting, they had the comfort of the vocal majority of the 32,287 that were in attendance; while not even half of the stadium’s 78,467 capacity, the cheering reverberating and echoing around the empty upper tiers, the Peruvians made their presence felt.

bra 19-min.jpg

Neymar, seeking his 62nd international goal that would bring him even with Ronaldo's career total for the Selecao, had to settle for a place on the bench following his assist and goal in Brazil’s victory over Colombia recently. But even without their talisman Brazil boasted enough talent to put Peru on the back foot. And so the game progressed, however the Copa America champions could not find a way through, and even the introduction of Neymar on the 63rd minute did not change things.

Having defended resolutely for the majority of the match, it was in the 85th minute that the defining moment occurred. Peru midfielder Yoshimar Toyun delivering a delicious free kick from the edge of the box and defender Luis Abram getting a flicked header to the ball that saw it sail into the net, the goal met with an eruption from the stands. Peru with only their second win over Brazil in 21 matches and only their fifth in the nations' 47 meetings. Brazil beaten, Peru partying.

bra 27-min.jpg
bra 14-min.jpg
bra 11-min.jpg
bra 12-min.jpg
bra 13-min.jpg
bra 15-min.jpg
bra 18-min.jpg
bra 20-min.jpg
bra 21-min.jpg
Bra 22-min.jpg
bra 23-min.jpg
bra 24-min.jpg
bra 25-min.jpg
bra 26-min.jpg
bra 17-min.jpg
bra 16-min.jpg

Photography by Imad B for SoccerBible.

Daniel Jones

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