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Framed #96 | USMNT v Brazil

A battle between two giants of North and South America, the international break gave Brazil and the US Men's National Team a chance to go toe-to-toe this weekend. Big names and talented prospects, it all went down under the golden light of New Jersey.

The headline names that come with any Brazilian squad is something that will always attract attention wherever they go. For a new era for the USMNT, their failure to qualify for Russia 2018 can now be put to bed as they look write a new chapter in their football history. For each side, there was anticipation around this fixture with both teams bringing their top talent and while the resulting scoreline favoured Brazil, the USMNT came out with credibility with their experimental squad maintaining a respectable finish.

brazil usmnt soccerbible framed_0107_09.07_USAvBRA_105.jpg
brazil usmnt framed_0008_09.07_USAvBRA_061.jpg
brazil usmnt framed_0007_09.07_USAvBRA_067.jpg
brazil usmnt soccerbible framed_0110_09.07_USAvBRA_101.jpg

It was the experience of Neymar's Brazil that managed to out muscle the USMNT. The game started straight out of the traps with Brazil opening the scoring from a resilient combination play between Roberto Firmino and Douglas Costa. The pair linked up on eleven minutes and almost instantly killed off any buzz from the home side as their uphill challenge mounted.

brazil usmnt framed_0005_09.07_USAvBRA_095.jpg
brazil usmnt framed_0016_09.07_USAvBRA_436.jpg

From the early goal, Brazil were able to maintain composure as well as the upper hand. The home side can be credited for posing threat on the opposing goal, though it was Brazil's experience and talent that proved too efficient and energetic for the USMNT. A contentious second goal killed off the game after a soft penalty was awarded to Brazil. Neymar Jr did the honours in netting his 58th goal for his country.

brazil usmnt soccerbible framed_0075_09.07_USAvBRA_218.jpg
brazil usmnt soccerbible framed_0119_09.07_USAvBRA_040.jpg
brazil usmnt soccerbible framed_0089_09.07_USAvBRA_157.jpg
brazil usmnt framed_0009_09.07_USAvBRA_024.jpg
brazil usmnt framed_0010_09.07_USAvBRA_022.jpg

For both sides this was a well measured exercise. Brazil will come away from this fixture the same side they went into it. However the USMNT will grow from the latter 45 minutes in which they kept Brazil at bay. Plenty of promise as well as prospects with many fresh faces in the USMNT set up.

Photography by Cole Wilson for SoccerBible.


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