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Football Culture in Germany by Przemek Niciejewski

A continuing documentary series that casts a glance on the world of football culture in Germany, photographer Przemek Niciejewski offers up a fresh look from the terraces.

A beautiful collection of imagery, the culture clash of brilliance in Germany means the passion and support on show is up there with the best of them. In every sense an event, the match day is a special one. The build up captured, the post match posterised, it's a triumphant postcard that showcases the game from the fans angle. With the pitch rarely in sight, it's the people that are celebrated in this series of images.

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The ball in a constant spin, SC Preußen Münster take the stage in this instalment. Denim jackets and patches well worn, the scenes are vocal while the stadiums are aged with regal romanticism. It's the makings of a mighty fine away day. You can see the previous chapter where Przemek visit Borussia Monchengladbach, here.


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