Never afraid to step into football worlds of the unknown, Przemek Niciejewski brings us another glimpse at grounds from across the globe. The latest stopping point; BSG Chemie Leipzig of the German 4th tier.

A backdrop that boasts slabs of core concrete, the home of BSG Chemie Leipzig is one of those character heavy stopping points. Lined with pops of green, the accompanying support from the fans that stand on the terraces paints a picture of life in the lower leagues in Germany and rather beautifully, there's a lot of support for a club that may go otherwise unnoticed to those outside of Germany. The club as we now know it has gone through many incarnations - Just 20 years young, the foundations run deep. It's right back to the Soviet era where these roots stretch back - all the way to 1899 in fact. Now with fresh life and looking strong, this is a local club that is surging up the leagues.

The World of BSG Chemie Leipzig by Przemek Niciejewski_0003_Layer 22.jpg

No polished stadium or all encompassing glamour ground, this is pure brick and mortar brilliance. Fans climbing fences, tifos lining the stands and green seats to accompany the standing section - watch them grow. A real community football spirit where red tape is ripped up and the party is good to go.

A left field weekend away, perhaps. Poetic football charm for the masses, no question.