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'Non League Day in Poland' by Przemek Niciejewski

Pitch after pitch Przemek Niciejewski has the ability to discover those raw places where football thrives in a grass rooted form. The latest offering of character heavy shots comes during the international break as this photographer explores the experience of 'non-league day' in Poland.

The international break often brings football forward on multiple levels. While the top flight teams take a breather with players scattered across the globe representing their respective countries, 'non-league day' gives us fans a chance to experience and explore different surroundings. Whether it be another professional side not effected by the international game with a pristine pitch or a local league match up with mud-heavy scenes backed by the waft of the burger van. It's an initiative that helps satisfy a hungry need to consume the game while also support those that may be eternally grateful for that additional half dozen people extra people who go through the gates.

This latest documentary piece from Przemek Niciejewski is emphatically raw. Concrete heavy and suitably obscure, it's got your usual beautiful mash up of unconventional stadiums, the confusing layout of sidelined seating and plenty of people looking on from a variety of backgrounds. It's a the perfect example of how people come together for football and can enjoy it, whatever the weather, wherever the surroundings.

Non League Day Poland soccerbible przemek niciejewski_0021_Layer 2.jpg

Showing that the lower leagues of Poland has football heavy scenery that can compete with the very best of them, it's a curious place of mass intrigue. Look out for the clothes tucked away in a moody backroom of the over arching commentary box - just two things that makes this another photography series of colourful measure. Growing and established in the UK and clearly making moves on foreign shores too, here's to Poland, fellow embracers of football in its simplest forms as well as its grandest. Game on.

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