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The Perimeter | Bradford City v Bristol Rovers by Przemek Niciejewski

The walk up. As we make our way to stadia every Saturday, there's something truly atmospheric as you approach your stadium of choosing. Capturing one sunny Saturday afternoon as Bradford City host Bristol Rovers, Przemek Niciejewski maps out the perimeter of Valley Parade in visual form.

Never mind what happens on the inside of a football stadium, some of the best scenes are captured in those corridors that weave their around a ground. In the shape of Valley Parade and a League One fixture against Bristol Rovers, you've got fans passing washing lines, cobbled streets tunnelling towards kick off and a multitude of people with one shared interest - a 3'o'clock kick off. Valley Parade is itself a stadium of wonder - a capacity worthy of the Premier League and attendances that match, this is a club that sits as a hub as well as a heart of a community.

The Perimeter Bradford City soccerbible Przemek Niciejewski	_0017_Layer 6.jpg

This fixture sums up the beauty of football. There are few places where you'll see people congregating wearing claret and amber striped shirts paired up with blue and white quarters though in the world of football, it's perfectly acceptable - most welcome if anything. This, as we all know, is game that has the ability to do something special - It brings people together. Up and down the land, week in, week out, all fans who follow their team will experience that rush as they verge a stadium exterior and when you know, you know. An energy like no other - no matter what league - this is what it's about.

An international break put to the side, it's time to do it all over. Game day, go time.

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