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FFA Unveil League Re-brand by Hulsbosch

Embracing a new dawn for football in Australia the country's Football Federation (FFA) have unveiled a re-branded A-League, W-League and Y-League. Vivid colours and heavy with character, it's a league now personified by vibrancy. Designed and delivered by creative agency 'Hulsbosch' it will suitabky electrify your eyes.

Never underestimate the power of football. Another fine example of its utterly dominating presence, this latest re-launch showcases a serious surge in support from down under. Quoted as being part of a "20-year strategic plan to make football the largest and most popular sport in Australia", The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) approached Hulsbosch to wash the walls and re-imagine the face of the professional topflight in the country - the Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and the Foxtel Y-League.

An opportunity to re-inspire the imagination of the football fan in a country so powerfully embracing of sport, Hulsbosch go on to explain the way in which they approached this project. "Key challenges included the need to positively differentiate football from the other Australian sporting codes, grow awareness amongst the general population and allow the existing club brands to shine. The modernised football icon is inspired by football's three points of difference - atmosphere, diversity and unity. These differentiators create a platform to drive growth across the Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and Foxtel Y-League."

"The unique identity delivers a clarified visual language and architecture that seamlessly integrates the competitions and will enable the game to create a stronger footprint in Australia. And, for the first time in Australian sport, the identity assumes the colours of clubs within all club communications, bringing the league and clubs under the one unified banner."

Having just signed a record breaking broadcast deal for the rights of the respective leagues, the FFA are in a considerable position of strength as they look to build on the success the sport has enjoyed in Australia.

Embracing the Women's side of the game just as much as the men's it's a progressive line in the sand and explaining what it means going forward, David Gallop, CEO of the FFA gave his take on proceedings as well as the design itself, "The logo design is inspired by football’s three outstanding features – atmosphere, diversity and unity. Our fans create a wonderful atmosphere, we are part of the biggest sport in the world and there’s a place for everyone to become involved. This is the perfect time to update our look and use the same logo across the board, especially to reinforce football’s on-going commitment to women’s football by connecting the Hyundai A-League with the Westfield W-League.”

The work done by Hulsbosch transcends all elements of the game, from advertising hoardings to app development and will come into play from the start of the 17/18 season. You can find out more about the project from Hulsbosch here and the FFA here.


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