Another dip into the delights of grass rooted football from down-under, its the FFA Cup that takes the stage with the mighty Banyule City Bulls taking on Whittlsea Rangers. Same game, fresh territory and an enlightening spread of raw realism - no pies but the buns have been baked.

It's the 'Banyule Flats' that's our destination of choosing for this second slice of what is, the Australian FA Cup - the FFA Cup. More competition than your local Sunday league, this moves higher up the echelons to a place where 'Bulls' take on 'Rangers' in search of silverware. Still, plenty of flying challenges accompany a cosy dugout and with the sun beating of course there's going to be that lad who pulls his socks just over the knee has eyes only go in searching of that perfectly weighted overhead kick. It's football, just how we like it.

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With this game going through closely contested motions, it was Banyule that took the upper hand and eventually ran out as 2-1 winners. A right good contest that provided many a typified beautiful scene of the Australian game, this one was set to a backdrop where the sun was beating down, beautifully. Providing many an observation in the process, there are many things to take from this one. Firstly, a pitch that is surrounded in cars is as enticing in Australia as it is in any other part of the world and secondly, with shade proving to be something of a rarity, it doesn't half sprinkle a taste for a sun drenched summer league. It seems this location is both nutritious and delicious.

Onto the real talking points though - just how does that pie shape up? Well, it would seem something happens when you cross the equator in that the traditions of something Pucka, something pastry, are replaced with something baked, something breaded. In the shape of Banyule, the pitchside perfection that accompanies a thirst quenching bottled beer is a straight up 'Sanga'. A fresh gourmet trend? The latest pioneering delicatessen? Not quite, it's more "oi, robo mate, grab me a sanga!", than "please may I have some guacamole with my pulled pork?" (Thanks Urban Dictionary).

Some description
Some description

Pie Rating (Sanga)

Price: $3 ― Sanga saturday, we're not here to talk quality control. 5/10
Size: ― Pass the sauce Paul, they've given me a bigger boat. 8/10
Crispyness: ― Get out. A fluffy and cushioned bun does away with any crisp. 3/10
Pastry: ― Same again, we like things loafed here. 5/10
Filling: ― Strooth. 9/10

Photography by Aleksandar Jason for SoccerBible