Heading to heated grass roots, our latest delivery of Pie & Football is dished up out of Australia in the shape of the FFA Cup as Preston Lions hosted Clifton Hill.

Picking up the story in the 3rd round of the FFA Cup, 'BT Connor Reserve' is the stadium from which we're situated pitch side. Home to a former power house where Australian football is concerned, Preston Lions have had a turbulent history that has seen them from shift from top flight tearaways through to the fifth tier of the domestic set up. Much like the FA cup, the FFA Cup is a place where the imagination is allowed to flow and quite regularly lends itself to fairytale upsets. This match-up followed suit accordingly as the home side were left losing 0-2 at half time only to level the game as we hit the 90. Regular time finished up 2-2 and extra time ensued.

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Some description

Naturally, a cup game that heads into extra time following a 90th minute equaliser and a colossal comeback is going to pack some punch in the 30 minutes that follow. Preston Lions re-set themselves and now back on an even keel, took the game to Clifton Hill. Playing out as hosts should, on the front foot, they littered the opposing goal with countless efforts and while penalties occupied the back of the mind, a winning goal was a matter of moments away.

Snatching the win and completing the comeback, Preston Lions bagged the vital goal. Corrugated sidelines, a raw cage and a cluster of fans enjoying a lower league feast of football, this is how we like it. Local.

However, this fixture was one well warmed in the stomach as well as the footballing soul. No pie, that's just not how it goes on Australian soil. Going down under, the cuisine countered the Bovril cliches and sizzled in the sun while nicely nestled inside a bun. A Macedonian influence we hear you say. That's right, we're talking "Chebapi". A sort of sausage type dish for those out of the know...us included.

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Pie Rating (Chebapi/Macedonian Style)

Price: $6 ― 5/10
Size: Fits in ya palm! ― 8/10
Crispyness: Crispy outside, Fresh inside! ― 6/10
Pastry: Only high end carbs here mate ― NA/10
Filling: Pure beef Chepabi, off the grill with onions, piprika and a whole lot of spice ― 9/10

Photography by Aleksandar Jason for SoccerBible