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Watford Re-brand Concept by Nicolas Keruhel

As Watford look ahead to life back in the top flight of English football, French graphic designer Nicolas Keruhul put a purely hypothetical re-brand of the club together. It's pretty damn thorough.

From tickets to kit via website and social channels - Nicolas Keruhel has re-branded the lot. While this might be a purely conceptual idea, it's great to see it rolled out, intergrated across so many outlets. In a game where image is paramount, especially at the elite level this is what clubs should be striving to achieve and although this starts out a simple sketched idea, it's great to see it come to life.

Some description

The match day programme, headed paper, business cards - all those tactile ways in which you engage in a brand - you name it, he's got it down in one smart and altogether efficient body of work. The concept badge for Newcastle is also worth a look here.


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