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Football Shirt Collective Places Iconic Sponsors On New Shirts

With a thirst for some classic vintage vibes in amongst all of the new shirt drops for the coming campaign, Football Shirt Collective have decided to add some retro sponsors to some of the latest releases, with the results often making a surprising difference.

Sponsors share a special relationship with club’s, often forever linked to teams through iconic players, moments or achievements. Certain sponsors just feel part of a shirt. Take Inter Milan for example – few will argue with the quality of their new snake skin-style home shirt, but without Pirelli on the front it just feels like something’s missing. That’s why the good folk at the Football Shirt Collective have taken some minor steps to remedy the situation, adding classic sponsors to some of the latest shirt releases, something they plan on continuing throughout the summer as new shirts continue to drop. 

sponsor 5-min.jpg
sponsor 10-min.jpg

Football shirts are inherently nostalgic,” explained Phil Delves, Head of Content at Football Shirt Collective. “We’re immediately transported back to a moment in time when we see an old shirt, and the sponsors of old shirts are often the most defining features of these retro kits.

“Fiorentina and Nintendo, Manchester United and Sharp, these combinations reach far beyond the fanbase of a particular team. They represent a time when local brands like Newcastle Brown Ale and Draper Tools would mix it with the big boys, and when the landscape wasn’t completely saturated with betting companies.

“We can't wait to see what everyone's reactions will be to the thread as it unfolds this summer, and I think in most cases the shirts will be improved with the old companies. Hopefully a few of them take note; it’d be amazing to see the return of a few old faces to the game!”

sponsor 2-min.jpg
sponsor 3-min.jpg
sponsor 8-min.jpg
sponsor 6-min.jpg
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For more information on Football Shirt Collective and what they do, head here.

Daniel Jones

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