Acast – the world’s largest independent podcast company – have teamed up with The Football Shirt Collective to produce a series of football shirts for 12 of their football podcasts.

Chances are that if you’re a football fan and you like podcasts, you will have listened to one of Acast’s roster. Their selection of football podcasts is huge and covers The Guardian Football Weekly, Quickly Kevin, That Peter Crouch podcast, Second Captains and more. To celebrate being the home of football podcasts, Acast asked the Football Shirt Collective to design and produce a series of football shirts for 12 of their football podcasts.

acast 5-min.jpg

For the project, Football Shirt Collective worked with designer Dan Evans to really understand the Acast brand assets and what makes each podcast unique before translating these elements into designs for each shirt. Using the same template, Evans designed and produced 12 shirts, one for each football podcast, with each design using consistent elements from the Acast brand and unique elements from each individual show.

Mike Maxwell, from the Football Shirt Collective said: “We wanted the collection of shirts that felt like they were part of the same family (following the Acast brand) but translate the unique personality of each podcast.” 

The project took less than 12 weeks to see them go from sketches in a notebook into the fully produced product. The finished articles feature the collar, shirt hem and sleeves with Acast pattern sewn in as well as easter egg quotes from the podcast printed on inside of the shirt.

acast 3-min.jpg
acast 13-min.jpg
acast 4-min.jpg
acast 7-min.jpg
acast 6-min.jpg
acast 8-min.jpg
acast 9-min.jpg
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acast 12-min.jpg

If you would like to create a football shirt for your brand, reach out to Football Shirt Collective here.