The world of football has long been at the forefront of sustainability in the clothing world, and Niente di Nuovo (“nothing new” in Italian) is a new venture from Damian Collins that explores this very arena, taking iconic football kits and up cycling them using artisan techniques.

Dating back to the end of the 00’s the key brands have been manufacturing both performance and replica shirts out of recycled plastic bottles. Now, Niente di Nuovo are taking that on to the next level, breathing new life into performance led products that have frankly seen better days, repairing any imperfections, using many old fashioned techniques to turn these once loved shirts into new and progressive garments for lovers of craftsmanship and the beautiful game.

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Taking inspiration from the Japanese term boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired, boro refers to the practice of reworking and repairing textiles through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use, the project upcycles and revives vintage football jerseys that may have lost their shine over years of use. Countless hours of workmanship is put into splitting seams and refastening in the brand’s signature contrast thread. Each shirt is then finished with a new neck label sewn onto a contrasting off cut of Taroni Silk for a premium sign off. 

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