Do not adjust your screens… what you are looking at is a concept design for a Chelsea x 11 by BBS shirt, created by graphic designer SETTPACE. It sees all colour stripped away to leave a unique shirt that combines old feeling black and white with modern design.

In an arena where bright and bold is making a welcome return, graphic designer SETTPACE has gone in the opposite direction, bucking the trend to bring a monotone masterpiece that’s been stripped of colour. This is the Chelsea x 11 by BBS shirt, and it sees the design aesthetics of Boris Bidjan Saberi’s 11 offshoot spread across a Chelsea shirt for a completely unique look on a football kit.

chelsea 2-min.jpg
chelsea 3-min.jpg

Boris Bidjan Saberi is a half German, half Persian menswear designer and 11 By BBS is his unique take on fashion, offering a very specific style that develops personal silhouettes made by a challenging pattern work. A continuous experimentation with graphical applications and techniques, and a thorough research in fabrics and treatments is inherent in the approach, and that’s seen on SETTPACE’s latest creation, which follows somewhat in the monotone footsteps of his PSG concept creations.

Whilst we’re unlikely to see something in this fashion make it to the pitch, it is an exciting approach that goes against the grain, providing something that we’ve not seen before. And with the recent spate of crossover between fashion and football, you can never say never…

chelsea 4-min.jpg

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