Graphic designer SETTPACE is back on the dream collab trail again, this time conjuring up what could be if Atletico Matdrid combined with Italian luxury fashion label, Off-White.

Since PSG opened the doors to collaborations with their unprecedented PSG hook up, and Juve took it one step further by partnering with Palace, the world has watched with eager anticipation waiting for what could come next. And while we wait, the floodgates have opened for graphic designers to create their own versions of what they’d like to see, and one such designer is SETTPACE, who has presented his vision of what we could see if Atletico Madrid ever combined with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White fashion label.

SETTPACE follows up a Chelsea x 11 by BBS concept shirt by combining the orange colouring that’s synonymous with the Off-White brand with a unique aesthetic that would fit with Diego Simeone’s side. Virgil Abloh already has strong connections with Nike, and with Atletico Madrid being one of the Swoosh’s big clubs this wouldn’t be too far a reach of the imagination. 

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