Continuing the good flow from 2020, designer SETTPACE has taken his fantasy collaborations into the international scene once more, once again pairing the Brazil national team with Italian luxury fashion house Fendi for what would be an away option.

Concept kit creator SETTPACE enjoyed a constant stream of success with his output through 2020, particularly striking the right chords with his fantasy collaborations that saw both club and International sides linking up with fashion labels for some of the drippiest shirt designs around, rendered in a photo realistic presentation that made them feel all the more genuine. And as we roll into 2021, that positive flow continues, with the designer picking up a project from May of last year in which he imagined the Brazil football federation teaming up with Italian luxury fashion house Fendi.

settpace 3-min.jpg
settpace 2-min.jpg

For the first effort, SETTPACE took brown hues and embellished the design with an almost sash-style branding that crossed the chest from shoulder to hip. That same design has been used again here for the ‘away’ shirt, with the base colour flipping out for black and the banded colours being mixed up, albeit with the ‘Fendi’ logo band still riding on top of it all. Fantasy done right, it’s yet another design that will likely never see the light of day, but that shows off the promise of what could be. 

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