Completing the three-shirt setup, concept designer SETTPACE is back with the dream Juventus x Gucci hook up, creating a third option for the collaboration that goes in the opposite direction to the last shirt with a sleek black base.

As dream collaborations go, Juventus and Gucci would be right up there for us. But it’s one that would probably never happen for several reasons, not least the fact that a Florence-based company would be unlikely to outfit Turin-based Juventus… But stranger things have happened. So as it stands we have to content ourselves with the imagination of concept creator SETTPACE – thankfully though, that’s no bad thing.

juve 2-min.jpg
juve 3-min.jpg

This concept shirt arrives as the third in the Juventus x Gucci fantasy collab from SETTPACE, with what we’ll now term as the ‘away’ shirt particularly catching our attention. So it is with that base design that the new ‘third’ shirt sticks, with a more shimmering black base subbed in in place of the previous white. The same chest band is used, with red flanked on the upper and lower by green, although the club crest and branding – present in shimmering silver instead of gold – take up more traditional placements on either side. The sponsor logo is left to standout in white, with no background needed, and that ties nicely to the Three Stripes on the shoulder.

Is this better than the away shirt? Or the home shirt for that matter? Tough call, and one that’s bound to come down to personal preference, but one thing is without doubt, and that is that this would hands down be the best trio of shirts for a season were they ever to see the light of day. If only...

juve 4-min.jpg

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