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Mossawi Studios Create Tesla Concept Boots

Utilising the free realms of the concept world, designer Mossawi Studios, aka Hussain Almossawi, has approached the question “what if Tesla started making football boots?”, producing several futuristic boot styles that adopt the brand’s aesthetics.

Having just been announced as the world’s richest man, there’s probably not much that Elon Musk can’t do. But for all his billions, we bet he isn’t all that great at football. That’s what we’re clinging on to anyway. That hasn’t stopped designer Mossawi creating several colourways of a futuristic concept that imagines what a Tesla football boot would look like.

tesla 9-min.jpg

Carrying with it some serious Tron vibes, the Tesla concept boot puts the brand’s position as one of the world’s leading electric vehicle and clean energy company at the fore, with a sleek silhouette complemented by flashes of colour through the upper and predominantly through the soleplate. The company’s ’T’ logo branding appears on the heel, again illuminated  for a standout look. Not sure how these would be powered exactly, but that’s not exactly the point…

tesla 10-min.jpg

Check out more of Mossawi's work here.

Daniel Jones

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