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Designer Finn Rush-Taylor Creates Aggressive adidas Predator Concept

Taking the already aggressive aesthetics of the adidas Predator Mutator and turning it to 11, concept designer Finn Rush-Taylor has created a beautifully mean looking Predator concept.

With it’s wildly unique new look, the adidas Predator Mutator was divisive to say the least, and it took some getting used to. But once the aggressive aesthetic settled in, it became a thing of beauty, welcoming the return of rubber in the most outrageous of ways, with that Demonskin upper and spikes dominating the look. It couldn’t get anymore wild than that, right? Challenge accepted by one Finn Rush-Taylor.

Pred Concept Img 8-min.jpg
Pred Concept Img7-min.jpg
Pred Concept Img5-min.jpg
Pred Concept Img6-min.jpg

Finn Rush-Taylor is a man that thrives in the world of concept design, and for his latest project he decided to turn his attention to the Predator, ramping up the anger levels for a new look that exaggerates the aggressive look of the Mutator. Further than that, the Three Stripes are incorporated as a functional element for the boot, something that has not previously been done in such a standout fashion.

There have already been glimpses of the prototype next generation Predator on the feet of various pros ahead of its release, including Paul Pogba, and they have shown off a new look that certainly leans in the more animalistic vibe – not unlike the special edition Dragon Predator – although it certainly doesn’t go as far in its eccentricities as this concept does.

And if you’re interested to see how this beast would look in OG Predator colours? Of course Rush-Taylor’s got you covered there as well. Fair to say it works, wouldn’t you agree?

Pred Concept Img2-min.jpg
Pred Concept Img3-min.jpg
Pred Concept Img4-min.jpg
Pred Concept Img1-min.jpg

Check out more of Finn Rush-Taylor's work here.

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