Product designer Hussain Almossawi of Mossawi Studios has imagined what the future of Nike speed boots might look like, with two fresh concept creations. The designs take a lightweight, stripped back approach that could surely only see them as part of the Mercurial line.

The world of concept design gives us a glimpse into what may be, with no restrictions other than a designer’s imagination. Back in 2008 we saw what happens when these fantasies become reality, backed by the financial clout of Nike and the freedom offered by then CEO, Mark Parker. That was the Mercurial SL, and Husain Almossawi, also known as Mossawi_ has developed his own dream creation that sits very much in that mould, evolving the speed concept for the future.

concept 6-min.jpg
concept 3-min.jpg

Two sleek, stripped back designs, you could easily imagine these being the next generation of all-carbon fibre flamboyance. The first comes with the tagline “Engineered For Speed”, and it sees a metallic hue wrapped around a design that’s reminiscent of the Jordan Boot fellow designer Concept Kicks created for Raheem Sterling. It sees the forefoot with a clean strike zone that features a hexagonal texture, likely for grip and control on the ball. The mid to rear foot is then made for a locked in fit, with a significantly dipped collar for comfort and manoeuvrability. 

Presented in a darker look, the second design sees a similar forefoot to rear foot split as the last. A distorted Swoosh protrudes on the forefoot, but is overlapped by the mid to rear foot wrap. The heel features a “120km/h” graphic, positioned under the the tag, which reads “Faster Than Fast”. The collar then takes on a similar angled drop to that of the Nemeziz and PUMA’s latest creation. Both of Mossawi’s designs take on the lightweight, stripped back appearance of track spikes, something that was a key component behind the development of the Mercurial line.

concept 4-min.jpg
concept 5-min.jpg

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