Following the news that Football Club Internazionale Milano could be set for a radical overhaul to their image in the not too distant future, designer Matti Vendersee has created a sleek, new club crest that would fit the agenda for a clearer and more modern identity.

Reports are suggesting that Inter Milan will undergo a name change in the near future, switching from Football Club Internazionale Milano to simply Inter Milan, with a view to broadening their global appeal. Along with this change will come a new, streamlined club crest that will inevitably do away with the tangle of lines that represents the FCIM of the club’s current name. The idea will be to make the design more social-media friendly, in a similar move to Juventus in 2017. But currently there are no indications further than that of what we can expect from the change.

And that’s where we turn to the world of concept design, and specifically Matti Vendersee, who has turned his talents and attention to the task, simplifying the design while still maintaining the recognisable base of the Serie A side’s crest. To achieve this, the ‘F’ has been removed, with the ‘C’ that previously encompassed the other letters instead being turned into a full border, leaving the ‘I’ and ‘M’, which is presented in the same look, albeit with the 'I' elongated to interrupt the aforementioned circle. Simple, effective, and still instantly recognisable as Inter Milan. Let’s see the club top that.

inter 8-min.jpg
inter 9-min.jpg
inter 3-min.jpg
inter 2-min.jpg
inter 5-min.jpg
inter 4-min.jpg

Check out more of Vandersee's work here, and keep locked on us for more news of Inter's impending revamp.