If football is the modern day equivalent of a ye olde battle, y’know, just minus the swords ’n stuff, then it makes a certain amount of sense for players to be dressed accordingly. And so with that idea in mind, designer SETTPACE has produced a “Suit of Armour” concept shirt for La Liga leaders, Atletico Madrid.

This is not the first time that SETTPACE has chosen Atletico Madrid to be the subject of his imaginative creations, having produced an Atleti x Off-White shirt last July. Nor is it the first time that this metallic approach has been taken, with previous efforts for Corinthians and PSG, and the “Suit of Armour” concept for the current La Liga side continues that theme, with an all-over silver wrap.

atleti 3-min.jpg
atleti 2-min.jpg

We’ll admit that this concept doesn’t necessarily look the comfiest, but what it lacks in performance, it more than makes up for in pure cool panache. Seriously, how many silver shirts have there ever been? We’ll give you the shimmering silver shirt worn by Barcelona back in 1999/01, and then we’ll wait for another… Yep, it’s not the most commonly of explored colours, instantly lending it a feeling of exclusivity. Include the fact that the whole concept is coated in the metallic wrap, including the club crest, and this is something we’d love to see on pitch.

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