In noticing similarities between friends and heroes of the game, Soho Warrior Alex Nicholson recreates iconic images from the game in the 'Warrior to Worldy' Series.

Soho Warriors are a football team based in London that is made up of creatives across the city. Having noticed that the group contained a couple of doppelganger's on the pitch, director Alex Nicholson was inspired to recreate a series of iconic images using some his team mates.

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Discussing how it came about Alex says, "It started a conversation (or evening of digs) about the teams various footie lookie likeys. And that gave me an idea to create (or recreate) a series of famous player headshots using the lads from SWFC. Safe to say, given a chance to get in front of the camera and get made up to look like a footballing legend – the boys needed little encouragement.

I approached my old friend (and incredibly talented photographer) Keiran Perry to be the man behind the lens. Another one that needed little encouragement to get involved in the project. Keiran and I work together like a creative team and we started developing the concept to suit a certain style. Keiran recruited all round multi talent Nina Luostarinen for the all–important wig and facial hair duties and I started pairing up our boys to famous players – to turn Warriors into Worldy's."

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With the help of Classic Football Shirts, they were able to recreate the images in emphatic style. It's a tremendous effort, and for a bit of fun the creative delivery is utterly awesome. They even enlisted the help of Jurgen Van Den Hoofdakker to help re-touch the images. Certainly not short in effort nor commitment to the cause.

A seriously good series. You can see more from Soho Warriors here. Let's hope there's more where that came from.