Created by Ogilvy Malaysia, this illustration formed part of a campaign promoting Yoken Marker pens. Charting the turbulent career of Diego Maradona, it captures one hell of a career.

A brand that has both permanent and temporary markers in among its product line, the objective of this campaign was to chart moments in famous careers that celebrities such as Diego Maradona would both cherish and wipe away. A smart idea with a rock and roll delivery...especially when it's quite simply a pen they're marketing.

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Illustrating this iconic players' career, it takes in the highs and the low's in tongue-in-cheek fashion. Controversial for many reasons, his play still resonates. One of football's greatest mavericks, no question. The permanent marker (black) represents the achievements of the player while the temporary marker (blue) captures those moments he'd rather forget. Illustration was done by CUE Art & Design and it was shortlist at Cannes for it's execution.