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Football Type | PSG 3rd kit x Nike

You'd have to look deep into the abyss to find bad words said about the Nike x PSG 3rd kit, the 'Dark Light' kit. The icing that is embellished onto this shimmering regal number comes in the shape of it's glorious bespoke type.

It's two-toned shades of pink sits proudly on the reverse of the shirt, inside the numbers made up of split squares, ahem - triangles. Everyone loves a spot of geometry, especially on a football shirt. This however is done with the utmost class. From the corridors of the elite to the pitch side tunnel of Champions League foes, this'll stand tall.

Some description

The front of the shirt see's the same patterns being used across the club badge and sponsors logos. Every part of this shirt has gone under the microscope and this typography, simple in it's cut add vibrancy to minimalism. Certainly one to be celebrated, with or without trophy.

Naturally, they'll be looking for 'with trophy'. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. Sick of gawping? You can get your hands on PSG 'Dark Light' here.


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