The launch of the PSG x Jordan 22/23 fourth kit marks the 10th in the groundbreaking collaboration’s five year history, and with that we’ve taken to the task of ranking them in order of preference.

It’s been five years since PSG x Jordan completely changed the course of football culture as we know it, and in the intervening years the collaboration has produced 10 kits for the Ligue 1 side. Those kits have alternated between home, away, third and fourth shirts, but since the 18//19 campaign we’ve had two releases per season, regular as clockwork, and that’s continued despite the exclusivity of PSG’s deal with the basketball brand expiring at the end of the 21/22 season.

With the recent release of the 22/23 fourth shirt, that brings us to the milestone of 10 kits, so what better time to reflect on them all and place them in order, based on the very scientific method of what we liked most. Could we be convinced otherwise of the final order? Yeah, probably. But could we be swayed on the belief that the entire PSG x Jordan kit collection is an example of absolute top-tier shirt design? Not a chance.

psg 6-min.jpg
psg away 2-min.jpg

10. 22/23 Away

To say that this current season's away kit is the low point of the entire PSG x Jordan run is an indication of just how good the run has been. Ranked as such mainly because it wasn't quite a big enough departure from the 18/19 fourth shirt for us.

psg 5-min.jpg
psg 2-min.jpg

9. 21/22 Fourth

Nice and clean and carrying the basketball vibes on from the home shirt. Only down side was that it was the same template as the home shirt for this season, just with a colour change up.

psg 14-min.jpg

8. 20/21 Fourth

Tiptoeing precariously along the line of so good and diabolical, this shirt was most experimental of the lot. Were it not a product of the PSG x Jordan collab then it may not have been looked on as favourably in some quarters, but it's a welcome addition that broke away from what had come before. 

psg 7-min.jpg

7. 20/21 Third

A strong departure from any previous colour schemes, fuelled by a nod to the colour of the Air Jordan VII, debuted by Michael Jordan on the floors of the 1992 NBA All-Star Game. The VII was the brand’s first pair to feature the Bordeaux colour, and it translated beautifully on to the pitch.

psg 10-min.jpg

6. 18/19 Fourth

The collaboration's debut in 2018/19 came with arguably more hype and fire than any release in history, and it did not disappoint. Two clean and contrasting options that perfectly introduced the first elite level kits produced by a non-footballing brand.

psg 13-min.jpg
psg 3-min.jpg

5. 21/22 Home

The Jumpman's promotion to the home kit was a huge marker, and the brand nailed the design, veering away from tradition and bringing the basketball aesthetic into the design. While the shirt was good, it really was all about those shorts...

psg 9-min.jpg

4. 19/20 Away

The Jordan Brand influence on the design of the 19/20 away kit ran deep, flooded as it was in the iconic infrared shade first introduced on the Air Jordan VI back in 1991, and this resulted in the blistering away look. Eye-catching and the definition of statement.

psg 12-min.jpg
psg 4-min.jpg

3. 22/23 Fourth

The latest release and a real return to top form. The dark base and the ties to the city of lights give it added meaning, but who really needs that when it looks this good? Already looking forward to seeing it on the Champions League nights under the lights.

psg 11-min.jpg

2. 18/19 Third

The second in the pair that announced the collaboration on pitch five years ago, and the dark aesthetic of this one just makes that Jumpman debut standout all the more. Simple, sleek, and superb.

psg 8-min.jpg
psg 1-min.jpg

1. 19/20 Fourth

Just captures everything a PSG x Jordan shirt should be – Nike pushing their Swoosh aside to let the Jumpman logo dance on an understated black kit with a vibrant French tricolour flag running down the middle of the jersey.

The PSG x Jordan 22/23 fourth kit will be available from 1 February.

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