No football party is complete without the finer detail of design. The Football League is prepping a fresh season though it's brand has been wrapped up and delivered with time to spare. Our latest edition of 'Football Type' takes a closer look.

It's fair to say that the re-brand of the Football League to the EFL (English Football League) may have turned traditions royally upside down. A refreshed makeover that comes out of the box shorter, snappier and promises to go nowhere near your boiler, eyebrows have understandably raised. That said however, the flavoured typography that is due to grace shirts up and down the UK sits in sophisticated fashion once it's been applied to apparel (as the image below shows).

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Clean and taking those 'balls' that represent all teams who make up the three divisions, it moves proceedings forward with suitable style. Whether the 'EFL' sticks or suceeds as it embarks on a global lure, the numbers certainly have. Let's be avin' you.

Photography by Robbie Jay Barratt for SoccerBible.