The window display is an art form of diverse proportions; get it right and it's a celebration of creative success. This collaboration between Nike and Bonsoir Paris to launch the PSG 'Dark Light' kit is testament to that.

Being tasked with the production and delivery of this installation, it's a fine piece of work from the team at Bonsoir Paris as well as those involved from Nike to have the vision in the first place. This concept was played out across many retail displays in the city such as Colette, Nike Champs Elysées, the PSG store and the VIP Nike showroom.

Some description

The inspiration being driven by 'Engineered Invisibility' the Bonsoir Paris describe the project, "Taking the cues of the collection’s tagline ‘Engineered Invisibility’ we created a dark, futuristic and powerful visual using robotics and kinetic light scanners. The marble, fibre glass and chrome finishing give the luxurious effect of a powerful football player; a human with enhanced ability to go that extra mile. The kinetic structures bring to life and hero the individual players."

A masterful piece of work and perhaps a discipline of underappreciated qualities, it follows on from our look at the recent LDN19 ACE 16 Showcase. Both brands on point. The kit itself speaking volumes, it's a timeless gem - you can pick one up from here.