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PSG 16/17 Third Kit by Nike

Nike and PSG link up once more for another piece of tailored beauty from Parisian quarters. Subtly shimmering in the distance, it's a belter off the buffet cart and yet another brioche bun that whispers sweet nothings of cool.

Take a little time to think back to September of last year, PSG had just released the 'Dark Light' kit and sliced bread was crumbling in fear at the prospect of losing its title as 'go-to reference'. A delicious kit that set a new standard, Nike and Paris Saint-Germain have carried this tradition through and with copper and bronze bringing the house down, the 2016/17 instalment is an utter tastemaker.

Some description

Stating the obvious, the kit is predominantly white and comes paired up with black graphics, complimenting stripes and buckets of grandeur. More under the hood however, there's plenty to appreciate. The sleeves are infused with platinum threads that have been designed to shine under the stadium light and on top of that, both the club crest and Nike swoosh are given an iridescent finish. Plenty of innovation, naturally, it's another AeroSwift piece of technology that will party hard in Paris from 22nd September.

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