Making strides in standing out, the Toronto Tango League was a statement of raw creative edge. The on pitch party may have been the focus but the off pitch attention to detail added another dimension. Bespoke crests through to special edition t-shirts, designer Cody McCullough brought an artistic edge for where football took on an illustrative edge.

Adidas collaborated with designer Cody McCullough to create 16 team badges, one for each team involved in the Toronto leg of the Tango inspired tournament. While the event marked the return of the adidas Predator boot, the artwork matches the mentality of a rockstar boot. An elite game changer with a raw edge, this creative offering was about personifying the return of the Predator and the style it carves out on the pitch. Sixteen teams with a different cut of cloth, all with supreme football style.

Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0002_Layer 15.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0003_Layer 14.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0000_Layer 17.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0001_Layer 16.jpg

From the band t-shirt through to the final creative execution, players on the ground were given the chance to customise their shirts with the respective badges. A range of bespoke garms were produced carrying different nods to the fresh Predator boot. From a silhouette of Pogba, paired up with the Toronto skyline, it's a different take on football culture.

Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0004_Layer 25.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0006_Layer 23.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0007_Layer 22.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0009_Layer 20.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0008_Layer 21.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0005_Layer 24.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0010_Layer 19.jpg
Tango League Badges by Cody McCullough_0011_Layer 18.jpg

The DIY nature of the modern game means anyone with a strong eye, sophisticated style and maximum attention to detail can create a club that stands for something sound. Whether it's grime inspired or electro fused, consider the lines between on and off pitch culture mashed.

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