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adidas Tango League Toronto Launches the Cold Blooded Pack

Toronto Tango League went off at the weekend as the adidas "Cold Blooded" pack was launched at pulsating pace. A Tango League takeover transformed an empty warehouse into a club of footballing culture as DJ sets played off the shoulder of a Predator party.

A Cold Blooded cauldron played host to Toronto's finest as the sharpest teams from the city met for a small-sided showdown. Bespoke kits and fresh wheels provided the entertainment inside the cage, while Toronto-based British DJ Unimerce provided the beats and buzz to which the tournament played out to.

6-tango-league-toronto-cold-blooded.jpg 18-tango-league-toronto-cold-blooded.jpg 3-tango-league-toronto-cold-blooded.jpg
16-tango-league-toronto-cold-blooded.jpg 19-tango-league-toronto-cold-blooded.jpg 5-tango-league-toronto-cold-blooded.jpg

An adidas after-party with a Toronto twist, the Tango League produces time and time again with cultured influence in each respective city. As the Cold Blooded dropped, the Tango League picked up the pace away from the turf by leading an alternative world of raw football fire.

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