Covering base after base with creative juncture, the Tango League in Toronto landed with more custom clad charm than any that have gone before. From sounds to scenes and everything in between, it's the off pitch game dropping with on pitch beat.

The Tango League has offered adidas an outlet to connect with players who rule the streets. A small sided showcase of the game, it has taken over city after city. In Toronto, football is huge. With the Tango League painting a picture of how football lives and breathes in this city, adidas brought out every stop under the eclipse of football to blur the lines with strong effect. From an on site barber through to sneaker-boot mash-ups, it had it all before a ball was even kicked.

Tango League Toronto_0024_29.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0025_31.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0000_0B9A0405.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0002_0B9A0409.jpg

Football was running throughout and with countless teams suiting up in uniquely branded kits, it was an opportunity for a local side to show what they can do and what they stand for. Another event that showed what the contemporary game looks like, Toronto was where the Tango game hit new heights. Bespoke threads and football savvy heads, it was one for the creative kings of the modern game.

Tango League Toronto_0016_8s.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0010_0B9A1994.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0009_0B9A1966.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0005_0B9A0466.jpg
Tango League Toronto_0008_0B9A1582.jpg

Big scenes for the strong game and a fresh line to mark in the concrete as the Tango League wraps up 2017.